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Concrete Wall



    Inspiration is found by this native Texan at the local ranch supply/hardware store more often than an art supply retailer. Cowhide gloves and a pair of electrical lineman pliers are all that's needed to transform a spool of barbed wire into a lariat wielding cowboy with an armadillo at it's feet. Along with barbed wire sculpture, Bandy's focus is on portraits (human or pet) created using oil pastels, spray paint, ink, and pencil on a sheet of plywood. Often times an element of the piece will break from the confines of the frame (ie - a dog's ear or cat's paws) giving the work a life of it's own. He was born, raised, and continues to live in Fort Worth, Texas.


The Grackle Art Gallery

Astro Brain - Group Show




Art Tooth / Emerging Artist  


Arts Fort Worth

Dance like a Rodeo Tornado


The Grackle Art Gallery

Leave Some Twigs - Group Show


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